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About us
In this digital world that is unique and rapidly changing, it is our pleasure to introduce our self through experience gained from the implementation of various projects and unique.

At Al Faris establishment for ICT to present our services and solutions that accumulated through years of experiences.

In this long journey in the ICT field we have customer loyalty and satisfaction due to dedication to work and credibility in the implementation and fulfillment of the requirements.

keys to success


Our scientific competence and professi- onalism in the execution of work are emphasize through the cumulative experience that achieved by Al Faris of communications and information techn- ology where we implemented many projects in various fields. Since we are not looking to achieve success only, but also to gain the experience in practice.


Our Distinctiveness appears in our values that put us on the front lines in the various services and products we offer, where you will find that we have:
• Credibility.
• Professionalism.
• Dedication.
• Creativity.


Our focus is on providing the best in technology, methodologies and software conforming to the different needs and privacy of each customer in various sectors in the Saudi market.

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