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Communications and Networks
• Infrastructure Solutions:
Al-Faris provides a full range of network infrastructure solutions capable of handling enormous volumes of data, a variety of connectivity helps clients build their networks with very high speed cabling. Enable organizations built secure, scalable and manageable data centers. insure business continuity and information availability through cost-efficient disaster recovery solutions.

• Wireless Solutions:
Al-Faris is responding to communication needs and growing demands with a variety of wireless solutions such as Wi-Fi, WiMax, and Microwave.

• Voice and Conferencing Solutions:
Al-Faris improves collaboration and facilitates a face-to-face meeting environment across borders with its high-quality video conferencing systems and provides professional, powerful, secure and high-performance VoIP business solutions.

• VSAT Solutions:
Al-Faris designs a suitable solution to best meet the customers' requirements with a wide range of satellite solutions (VSAT), connecting sites together and deliver different types of applications.

• Network Security Solutions:
Al-Faris has set a goal to help customers secure their data and resources by providing security solutions for varied platforms via trusted encryption solutions, firewalls, VPN …..Etc

• System Administration Solution:
Al-Faris assists clients to administer there server environment and maintain proper complete backup to maintain server performance at optimum levels. Our server and backup management system offers security to server attributes and operating systems and ensure that the server is always administered and tuned well.

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