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Project Management and Quality
There is no doubt that the implemen- tation of projects requires the maximum regulation and adaptation of the best strategies and practices, which in turn requires the expertise and professionalism offered by Al-Faris for IT and communications. Our experience includes many successful projects in the project management and quality, the successes of the projects execution and outputs quality. Our services include establishment of the office project management for different sectors which include:

• Assessment of the current status of the facility with respect to procedures followed to manage projects and find gaps in the procedures and processes.
• A work plan and the improvement of business processes in the project management and quality fields.
• Establishment of project management and quality and the transfer of expertise to the employees.
• Project management and quality staff training and awareness.
• Provide project management and quality systems.
• Provide consultation and technical services through the provision of advisers and manpower to support in-process and activate the new strategies.
• Documentation and improvement of processes and procedures.

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